Mama Joe

Vodun High Priestess


Character: Mama Joe

Superb: Conviction
Great: Discipline, Lore
Good: Empathy, Endurance, Contacts
Fair: Investigation, Performance, Presence, Rapport
Average: Alertness, Scholarship, Driving, Fists, Resources
Mediocre: All other Skills

Stunts and Powers:
-1 Bless This House
-0 Cassandra’s Tears
-2 Ritual: Ectomancy
-1 The Sight & Soulgaze
-0 Wizards Constitution


What Nation, Region, Culture are you from?
A Seventeenth Century Fonswoman from Abomey, at the birth of the Danhome Kingdom, now called Benin, in West Africa.

What were your family circumstances like?

What was your relationship with your family?

How were you educated?
Learned to speak the Fongbe language and French, both now altered by time, with Fongbe evolving into what is now the Fon language.

What were your friends like?

Did you get in trouble much?

If you are supernatural how early did you learn about this?

Were there problems?

Who were the prominent people in your life at this point?

Do you have enemies?

Close and fast friends?

How did your High Aspect and Trouble Aspect shape you and the events around you?

What were the most significant choices you made?

What lessons did you learn this time?

“Voodoo is like the marks or the lines which are in our hands, we born with them. Voodoo are in the leaves, in the earth. Voodoo is everywhere.”

Mama Joe

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